Our Mission


Everglades Threads stems from a passion and love for the arts and nature. Denise Wauters, founder and CEO, began the company for the same reason she started many of her ventures, "I simply can't help it. I have a need to create."

And create she did. The apparel company started from artwork inspired by the natural life around her and grew into a venture to save the world.

Each collection has a unique purpose: from supporting local artists, to conservation efforts, to simple designs meant to bring a smile to you face.

Our Apparel

Our team selects fabrics that offer our customers a comfortable fit and feel, that hold up wash after wash.

Everglades Threads has high standards when it comes to sustainability and the eco-conscious process it takes to produce our fabrics. Our shipping practices minimize waste and source eco-friendly packaging.


Threads with a Cause

Our Threads with a Cause Collections support a number of restoration and conservation efforts throughout Florida. 

If you have a cause you'd like us to support through our custom designed merchandise, reach out to us today at info@evergladesthreads.com.